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Sane Friends

Back in the Saddle Again

It was great to have my mojo back this afternoon and be very creative with my business. Even the tedious work of re-entering all my data in a new database was fun. So I'm happy to be out of my slump and moving forward again.

I talked with MK lady today about how she is successful. She went over the different things she does with her clients which are women which is very helpful to me. She pointed out that women choose and buy on feelings. She also pointed out what good qualities I already had in place at the office that were women friendly like not being pushy. I was surprised that she was the second one this week that loved that I answered the phone.

Game night was okay tonight. Everyone was tired, but fun was still had. It was awkward with the Photographer and Game boy. I knew she would arrive with him and that their was no way that she was arriving by herself. Game boy was more quiet than usual so he was hard to read. The Photographer was pretty much the same as normal, but it was difficult to see her with someone else. I still have that attraction for her so that was a difficult pill to swallow. The other is that she is the most energetic person so my focus does gravitate to her which increased the feelings. The good thing I won't be seeing her for a while.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Glad that your work mojo is back.

And also glad you don't have to see the photographer again for a while.


You confused me when you said you were back in the saddle. Coming from you, I assumed that meant dating again, and ack, ack, ack. This is better, get yourself going again:) Good job, and yep, you made it through that evening. Life continues.

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