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Sane Friends

No More Lonely Nights

Thanksgiving day was nice and I was enjoying myself to about 4 o'clock. As it started to get dark the realization of being alone really sunk in for some reason. It really pulled me down to a point even I was surprised.

The funny thing that pulled me back up was the realization I could have asked 3 different women out yesterday. With my head on straight I was able to think of away to solve my dilemma. I knew that Saturn girl was free today since she had Thanksgiving last weekend when relatives visited. So I emailed her to see if she was around and if she wanted to get together to play some boardgames which I knew she enjoyed. I got a response after a while saying she was up for it, but she just needed to drop some soup off at her daughter's house who was sick. So I grabbed some games and headed on over.

She lives in the same complex as CPA girl. It was almost deja-vu walking in the place since it's the same set up. It was a fun evening talking and playing games. I found out we have a lot in common like both our favorite shows is Two and Half Men. There were other things that I was surprised.

She did ask if I knew how the Photographer was doing. I told her I hadn't talked to her in a week and that she had been dating Gameboy for awhile. Since we had gone to the Halloween party together she probably thought we were still together.

I never got any vibe from her that she was feeling any chemistry for me. So the Laws of Attraction still puzzle me. While it was a really fun night, lots in common, the chemistry was very low. Hey this is just like CPA girl, maybe it's the complex. On the other side of the fence I had the Destroyer yesterday that I had to bite my tongue not to ask her out. There doesn't seem like anyway to tip the odds in my favor.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

So, you had a friend to spend time with, and she had a friend to spend time with. Sometimes, that's all that matters. Not any potential romance.

I can enjoy my Thanksgiving days by myself, and my pets, albeit typically that means I celebrated a different day. It was nice, though, to be invited to E's family gathering, and talk some with the other "outsider."

Eh, another day. Much to be thankful for, I suppose. Hope your mom was "okay," and just maybe she knew deep down, that you had visited.


How freaky to go back to the scene of the crime... LOL @ three choices & you chose this one?! Hummm...

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