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The Weekend Wrap Up

I'm beat. The last 3 nights of pizza have been busy as hell. The oven kept hemorrhaging pizza's all night long. I couldn't even get out there when I was suppose to. However I did make some boku money which will help with bills plus I got a free Spiderman hat to match our new promotion. Yes free. I'm amazed as you are. I could actually wear it under normal circumstances. Having no time from getting up this afternoon to getting back to work to do laundry I had to use a college tick I heard of. I sprayed my shirt with Frebreeze. Worked really well. I was surprised. Guess all that money kids spend on beer in college is worth it to come up with an idea like this.

I was hoping to stop over where the Geisha works last night even though her second email was difficult to understand. However time did not allow it and she never responded to mine so I will just chalk it up. It was a fun couple of days to be attention of many women and as ACG said it lets me know I still got it.

I have to thank Steph for giving me a great new marketing idea for the office. Free consults for women in revealing shirts. Hell I can be magnanimous it could be a revealing dress or skirt too. Hell just show some skin and I'll be happy.

Well since all my prospects have dried up I think I'll stop by to see Spa girl. I was going to stop by last week, but everything else came up. No real rush as always.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

better promo: pizza delivery with an adjustment :-)

theatre trick to get rid of BO from clothes: cheap vodka in a spray bottle. dampen the clothes or shoes with vodka and when the alcohol evaporates it takes the odor with it... and no perfumey smell left over.

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