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Monogamous Serial Dater

It worked out really well. Wednesday Energy Girl sent me an email saying to stop in for a free treatment to say thanks for a referral that I had given her. It had been a small thing, but it had lead to big things. She was on TV, a few local talks, and she is going to get flown to LA for a conference. Also her parents met friends they haven't seen since they were young in the Philippines. I though it would be good to go with a part of my life over. I went cause I was stressed out. Still works for me. So she did her intake and she labeled me the monogamous serial dater. She's one me about being less B & W with dating. Anyway it was fun to talk to someone about my past and see there face. I talk to so many people now a days, but most are online so I don't see there faces. I've come to count on the faces for validation of some of the insanity of my past. So we went over my ex and Energy Girl was just looking at me and asking me, "Mike your an intelligent guy?" Ah, but this was a lifetime ago when I was a very different person. The high point and I haven't had this in a LONG time. What's your brothers name: Frank. What's your other brothers name: Mike. I can see the pen moving then stop. Her face screwing up in a WTF? face. God I miss seeing those faces. Anyway Energy Girl is an energy specialist and she helps unblock the energy in your body. She's very good.

Salsa last night was a mixed bag. While it was a good crowd and familiar faces. The instructor teaches the opposite of every one else. Opposite foot, opposite direction. ARGH! I though it would easier. Guess not. I know if you know what you are doing he's great to learn new fancy moves. Being the new guy it is a little frustrating, but I persevered. Asked many a lady to dance during the breaks to practice. The down side of the place is all the really good guys come in when the lessons is just about over and grab all the girls to dance with so there is no one to practice with. I have to admit salsa seems to be more male driven. There are plenty of men dancing with less women. Strange. Smile Girl was absent from last night so adios to her.

The truly interesting thing about last night is the Asian table. It's these four Asian women. All very beautiful and 3 of them have asses! Now to many this many be like who cares. However Asian women don't have asses. To find one is like winning the mega millions lottery. Now here is 3 in one place. What are the odds. Now before you all jump the gun they are all married. So the moral is if you meet an attractive Asian woman with an ass marry her.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

That's one hell of a "moral to the story" ha..ha..ha..!! maybe they all three had ass implants. *giggle*


heh-heh, a new fairy tale ending, aesop ! :)


energy specialist, huh. interesting.


I have to admit salsa seems to be more male driven. There are plenty of men dancing with less women.

Why in the hell have I NOT known about this? I am taking up salsa lessons. IMMEDIATELY.

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