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Sane Friends

We'll Always Have Starbucks

While the paint smell isn't as bad as last time which is really strange since this is a bigger room and it's the one I sit in. However I needed to get out of there because after a whole day it was getting to me.

So I can still do some work I came to my favorite Starbucks so I can access the Internet to get work done. I forgot to mention that Game night went very well the other night. We had a great turnout, but as it happens often I'm the only one bringing games. Since these are different games then the norm it's almost impossible to split the group into smaller groups to make game play more fun.
Phone girl who I've met before was pretty touchy with me throughout the night. While a nice person to have at events being on the Peninsula like the Planner and hating her job really puts her off my list. I have a hard time with people who truly hate there job and are doing nothing to change it. It's like being in an abusive relationship and not doing anything. Hey I've been in both and I know it can take time to change your situation, but their is a mindset when you are working on it.

Gov't girl was surprisingly attractive. Her picture on the profile really doesn't do her any justice. Although her low cut blouse did her plenty of justice Saturday night. Twenty somethings can be fun, but not for me. My range is only 5-6 years above and below mine. Their is too much of a change of dreams and lifestyles beyond that point for me.

In reality I think everything is okay between the Photographer and myself. Eeeekkk! I hate putting myself out there in an avoidance of getting hurt. If I don't fully hope I can't be hurt as much. Childish I know, but it still works.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You're being smart, Mike - anyone who hates thier job and does nothing to change it is symbolic of lots of their attitudes about thier life.

I like yout age range as well. Also intelligent reasoning.

Being afraid of being hurt is normal. Trying anyway says you still have balls :)


If you never put yourself out there, you would never know what the possibilites hold. As for the age range. Nice to hear of a guy actually having some wisdom and showing it. (Hugs)Indigo

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