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Sane Friends

The Sign Post Up Ahead

German girl like many of my friends have asked me about the Photographer and the Planner. One of the things I like about the Photographer is that she has a life beyond me and work. She has her own social circle and is a assistant organizer to another Meetup group. So while she is busy sometimes and we can't get together, it is better when we do. German girl thought I wouldn't be alone for my birthday this year the way I was lamenting, but the Photographer will be away that weekend also. A person's circles of friends always tells me something. A concern of mine with the Planner was that she had chose to let work consume her and her friends had faded into the past. It was the reason she had joined my group, however like everyone else I was pushed to the side of the road because of her job. Some day she may make it, but she will be a lonely person.
As I have stated before my stats are a beautiful thing. They let me see what is going on in black and white instead of all the colorful images my mind imagines. Even with all the ups and downs of the economy my business really hasn't changed in the last 6 months. However all my work hasn't moved it forward. Also everything else has increased bill wise so money that was tight has really gotten tissue thin.
It's funny when people wonder why I'm not in the phone book. However I heard the best explanation the other night. New phone book came out and another business man's phone just didn't stop ringing. LOL. It was all sales people. Sad, but true. Only sales people still use the phone book. Most everyone uses the computer.

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