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Save Water

It's pretty damned funny that people drink bottled water to stay healthy, but now there are so many empty plastic bottles that they are becoming a waste problem. Now they're trying to make recycled paper bottles to be more green. I don't see it catching on for some reason.
The Landlord made it back last night. It's funny, but I told Saturn girl one of the reasons I don't move out is that I like having someone else around. After a minute catch up my landlord and I didn't interact, but it was nice to have someone else in the house. Still it's a bizarre feeling since I grew up being alone so to have it make me feel uncomfortable is weird.
German girl asked if my friendship with Saturn girl was me connecting healthier with a woman. Since I'm always the constant in all my relationships. I told her I didn't think so since I feel this large hole where a relationship would be. Not that I would know what a very healthy relationship would feel like, but I do know a bad one which I'm happy to say. I do want to sit down today or tomorrow and list all the women I've dated for any amount of time and find out the commonalities, both good and bad, of all of them. To see what's attracting me. I did it after I split from my ex and it gave me a good picture of the women up to that time. However since I've dated a lot more women since then and also I've changed over the years. It would be useful to do the exercise again.
Tonight the singles and I are off to see the city's holiday event. It's the 2nd annual so having never seen it before it will be interesting.

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Hummm... making your list and checking it twice... remembering who was naughty and who was nice... LOL... Is this your usual holiday tradition?

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