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What the Hell?

I don't know if I'm feeling my age or what, but after dancing late last night and getting up early for my business meeting this morning I was exhausted today. I mean I could have closed my eyes while driving tired. So I was happy to have free time today to grab an hour nap on my table. It allowed me to finish off the day. Also having planned not to work pizza on Tuesdays so it just wasn't such an exhausting day helped. So when I went out to dance tonight I was pretty fresh. I'm getting very good, but I have no stamina with it. Not that I get physically tired with it I just get mentally tired. Like okay now what move should I do. Since I'm the guy driving it I have to choreograph it out and after a few minutes I'm kind like okay I'm done. Yes, yes I know typical guy I had my fun goodnight. The other problem I'm having is I can keep the beat for about a minute and then I slowly lose it. A salsa song is going to go from 3 to 9 minutes so I'm going to have to work on it. Marquita (you can see her website) my instructor is going to have a workshop on Saturday that I want to attend to pick up more leading moves which are important when you have a real woman in front of you. One of these days I'll have to pick up dancing shoes which I've been told will make a world of difference.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Salsa dancing is so SEXY. I've been wanting to join a class. Just haven't gotten my gassy ass out to do it yet.

One of my best friends has been salsa dancing for years, and she LOVES it. Aside from enjoying the dancing, she meets a ton of guys.

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