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Weekend Update with Mike

A lot of gratitude the last few days. One of my patients who I've treated on and off over the years said I was physically looking very good than I use to. Then one of my online friends said the same about what is said in my blog. I know I'm making changes, but it is nice to hear the world is noticing. For me now a days it's the office that mirrors my life. It's limitations are my own and as I grow past them so does the office.

I couldn't get into my normal groove yesterday at Starbucks of reading or writing. So after a few window shopping trips I decided to stop by Blockbuster and get something to watch. A rarity for me. Anyway I finally rented Yo Yo Girl Cop.

It's the first time I've gotten to see one of these. They've been happening for 20 years now. Teenage girl, atomic powered yo yo. What more can you want? It was very enjoyable. Now I may try to find some of its predecessors.

I also got out the Dresden Files. I'm a big Jim Butcher fan and I love his books. So when I heard Sci-Fi had a series I was pretty excited. I only watched one episode and I'm not too impressed. We'll see how it goes, but the supporting cast characters were changed too much from the book.

Well I'm off I need to get a Zorro hat. I'll use that for salsa Tuesday since Zorro is easier to dance than a wizard.

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