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Blind Dating

The phone rang a little while ago. I hate it when people I sort of know just zoom into conversation and I didn't catch there name. Anyway this phone call was to set me up with her sister. Me I'm still trying to figure out who the fuck this is. She's asking if I'm married, single, age? Me I'm laughing cause I feel like I'm on Candid Camera. So I figured I knew who it was, it was She. Her mind works this way and at this speed. She figured since her sister was a physical therapist we would make a could match since we could talk about bones and such. Hey reality and my life are weird enough that I don't have to make this stuff up. So she hung up and I was still reeling from the drive by.

So I open the email she sent me. It has her sister's email address and that she is cute and funny. No name or anything. Not ever does her sister even know who I am. LMAO. Weirdly enough the first thing in my mind when She called was that this was some indirect way for her to go out with me. Me paranoid? Damn straight. Seen enough weird shit in my life to be that way.
Thinking back I guess at some point in the conversation I agreed to it. What the hell do you write to a person you have no idea about?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Dear God, I hate being set up. Absolutely DESPISE it. Hopefully you have better luck than I have.

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