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B Movie

I finally got to see one of my all time favorite B movies from who else John Carpenter. It's Big Trouble in Little China. I use to watch it every week when I was younger. I got it cheap about a month ago and it's been sitting around. It is truly hookie, but so enjoyable. Takes me back to a long time ago before I was married.

Other than that I finally pulled my writing back out. Jeez it's been April since I last wrote. I re-edited some stuff a few months ago, but nothing new. I have about 7 more chapter to go, before I go back over it to make sure it flows.

Spa girl won't be back at work till Tuesday. If I don't see her around that day I'll stop by on Wednesday under the pretense of getting what she is bringing for the next cook out since she volunteered. Speaking about dating reading through my blogs today and one of my dating ones that gives men advice. It was great. Send women mixed signals. That was almost as good as pretend that your not interested. It's really funny when I talk to women and they state that they read the same thing on their end. No wonder no one can find a date. Everyone is sending mixed signals while pretending their not interested. I think it's a big conspiracy by the online dating people.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

We're all just clueless wonders when it comes to dating, really. It's amazing anyone manages to hook up.


OMG!! i have green eyes.. does that mean I have to worry about being kidnapped by a creepy 1000 year old chinese demon dude? ha..ha.ha..

I LOVE that movie. So hokie...but great! :)

Dating?? You keep using this word but I'm not sure exactly what it means...

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