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While I was working out at the gym today I was watching one of the many TV's. On one was Roy Williams. If you know who he is your one step better than me. All I know is that he is a professional athlete. Anyway for some reason he volunteered to work at Pizza Hut since he didn't realize you tip pizza delivery people. He though only waitresses and I forgot the other. Anyway it was great to hear him tell stories of delivering pizzas and getting stiffed. He was speechless he said when he gave some one their pizza and they closed the door on him. LMAO. It was funny to hear how angry he got since it happened several times. Welcome to the party pal. The good thing is that he'll always tip now.

I get asked this a lot. The average tip is $3-5. Anything less is considered cheap. Forget if you do under a dollar since that's just insulting. Over $5 and you will never be forgotten on any future orders.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

We don't tip in Australia.........well not often so you'd hate to work down here.


People are so rude!!! If I didn't tip when it's required, I'd die of guilt. LOL

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