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Sane Friends

Guy's Night

Well Server guy and I finally got together. We'd been trying for the last two weeks, but he's been the busiest I've ever seen him at work. I wish he had picked a less smokey spot, but I think he's use to the place from when he smoked. We played pool and talked about women, kids, and our friends.

Since he has older twin boys I was actually thankful for his advice on keeping the connection with Eric. The biggest was the reminder that Eric is 10 and doesn't know to to fully work the conversation. He's just emotionally driven by excitement. Some of the ideas he had were more computer game playing which I wasn't that happy about even though Eric does love it. Most things would involve my ex's involvement to get it set up which I'm never happy about.

I know on my end I'm getting a bit shy calling Eric at the moment since I know I'm going to have to push back our November visit since I didn't get my money last week. Since my ex wouldn't bring him to the airport in August it's been a since July and I don't like the length of time.

We both agreed that the singles group has a new flavor with many of the older members rarely coming and new people showing up. Not that this is a bad thing, but that we need to keep the older members we're friends with in touch. So we're trying to have a party of five with Saturn girl, Savant, and Asp since we all get along very well.

I was happy to hear Server guy say that I seemed a much happier single person these days which was my goal for this year. He also said I should sleep with Inverse since it's just sex she's looking for. I know she wants whats in my pants, my wallet which isn't happening. So we'll see. If she keeps smoking like a chimney it won't be happening.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Hahaha, how long is she going to be living there? I would hate to hear things getting complicated for you. It's not like you can just leave, go home, and not call if you don't feel like it... I'm just saying...


hope you get to see your son sooner than you think. must be hard!!!


TOM - No clue. Yeah my usual policy in the house is, "I don't shit where I eat."

Cameron - thanks and yes it is.


Yeah, you should just sleep with her and get it over with. But wait until she keeps stiffing the landlord and moves out again.

Don't bang where you eat............

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