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Monday's gripe

I truly hate days like this. I'm living at the window waiting for the mailman. When I was a child this was a fun if not frustrating past time. A friend and myself use to draw comics fro each other. It kept us in touch and out of trouble. However as an adult this waiting doesn't bring back those nice feelings. Why? Well one of my large insurance payments should be coming today. All my bills are lined up to be paid with it. My worry is that if it doesn't show up I'm going to get screwed.

Today is day 3 of marathon week. Tonight is my usual Monday night meeting and tomorrow night is 500 Days of Summer at the $1 movie house. As usual, busy week is lined up with low money week. Oye.
The only other bump in the road today has been my Healthy recipe site. Each month I grab a few and then I post a new recipe on my website every week. The recipe website updated over the weekend. The problem they got rid of a lot of recipes. The ones I had for the next 2 weeks were gone. For a while I thought the website was broken until I saw that many pages of recipes were gone. Hey updating is nice, but that usually involves adding stuff instead or removing. Oh well.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I hope you get paid today !

Happy Monday !


Thinking happy thoughts for you! Hope the post man has what you're waiting for!!!

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