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Does the clothes make the man?

Yes I have a picture of a guy instead of a hot woman today. Don't get use to it. The temperature dropped twenty degrees since yesterday and will stay that way here. So I've broken out the shirt, tie, and even a jacket. I haven't worn my ties in a long time. For my first 9 years as a chiropractor it was a daily staple, but since I've been down here I've gone more casual. Many of my female business associates hound me to wear a tie since they know I will look good in it. However I haven't picked it up. My tie carousel has gone up and down in my closet many times, but that's about it. I was talking to my friend Paul this morning and he said that a few people in his business group wear suits and ties to feel like a businessman. And therein lies the rub. I remember being a child and not wanting to wear gold so I wouldn't be seen as big shot. What really got me was when Paul said someone during his introduction said he was an under earner. Hey that's me. I've always sold myself short and I think my comfortable clothes are another way that I do that. What's that old alcoholic term, "fake it to you make it." I think that's going to have to be my motto until I increase my worth some more.

I tell you for someone whose hands are very important to them, you can't tell with me this week. Besides both my wrists still being strained and hurting in some positions. Monday I scraped about 2 layers of flesh off the back of my hand. Honestly I didn't even know until I saw the blood. What truly sucks it wasn't enough loss to get a scab so it's just raw skin until it heals.

Hopefully you've stopped vomiting from all that. The Harry Potter movie last night was good, but interesting. Interesting you say? Yep. At this point in the series they've taken the track that you've read the books so they have no reason to give you any background information. If you're just there with for a friend you're shit out of luck. The reason I say this is because I read the book when it came out years ago. Let me tell you I was really trying to jog my memory during the movie. I think I may need to dig the series out of storage to read it again.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I read the series when it first came out, but have stopped watching the movies now that I do not see my kids.

Hope you get used to the tie, I know that after wearing them for years, I would have a hard time getting used to it again :o)


Hi Mike,
Hey, don't sweat it re. the ties ... I know a lot of companies have gone "business casual" these days.


I think ties look hot on a man.


I love a man in a suit from time to time.

Just sayin'.

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