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A Bumpy Day

It was a bit of a bumpy day for me. The good was that I found the oil leak in my car. It turned out that rubber band in the box was the gasket. Mystery solved and that made me very happy.

I finally decided to take my Mom's TV out of her place. It's way larger than mine and she never uses it. I tell you this kicked my ass. While I know my Mom isn't going to get any better. I guess it was sort of a little lie in the back of my head that as long as the TV was there things had some normalcy. I almost didn't take it today since it was upsetting, but the moving cart was right at the entrance which it is never there. So I knew I would kick myself for not taking it and have to do it again at another time without the cart. Now that it's at my place it's nice having a big TV again. When I got divorced I gave my ex the big TV for Eric and I kept the 19". I don't know if he ever got to use it or she kept it in her room.

Game night went well and we had many new people there. The bumpiness came at the end. The Photographer was there and some of the new girls were asking her questions. Some about the group, Game boy, and life. It was weird sitting there listing to it all. Halloween is coming up and we were dating at this time last year. A mutual friend might have her Halloween party again and we both went to that as a couple. So it was weird for her to talk all about this and not mention me. She would look over at me and I'm not saying I wanted her to say anything. It was just strange. The other was about her relationship with Game boy which again was interesting since she dated me at the same time since she wanted the relationship with me for a while. However I had been dating the Planner. Anyway she had ended it with Game boy a few months ago since she now wants a more serious relationship. Again I wasn't looking for her to share any of this information, but there's this whole sub story of us in there. I don't know if her looking at me to see if I wanted her to share or what. All I can say is it was just strange.

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