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Sane Friends

The Show

After many bumps in the road we got to sit close up for the show which is something I try to plan for each time we go to the Funny Bone. I don't think anyone else cares, but I enjoy it better. The funny thing was that I saw Smile girl on line with her son and friends. When we were dating she was a volunteer and I knew she would be doing it again tonight. I wasn't wrong.

While the show is always the same jokes and such. Having different participants can really make or break the show. I don't volunteer since I usually have people in the audience that I know and I can't have my professional image tarnished.

Anyway this was the first show I say J Medicine Hat flustered. He had one woman up there that had huge breast and a low cut top. When he was making jokes with her in the beginning she was very demure. Holy crap did that go out the window during the show. To answer your questions. J puts everyone under and has about 5 volunteers at once. He puts them through different scenarios and they react how they would. Anyway one scenario is all of them trying to win $250K during a fitness exhibition. The last pose for the women is a breasts pose. Even with instructions to not take your top off this woman kept pulling down her top. Every time J walked away she pulled it down. Now many might not see a problem with this, but here in Virginia Beach nipples and alcohol are a offense. A restaurant/bar can lose their license really fast for the offense. It was freaking hilarious to watch what was like some sitcom skit.

The second thing that frustrated him which was hilarious was another scenario when he has them pretend to be band members. He always has two women be lesbian lovers in the band. While talking to them he went to screw with them some more. So he said that they were hot for him. They were all over him so fast he was trying to pull them off him. It was so hilarious. Like I've said before if you never seen his show you are missing out.
So what's the payoff for the volunteers. Since you are hypnotized he can help you with weight loss, smoking, etc. He usually tells the women they can orgasm at a blink of an eye and the guys to last longer. Tonight he through in an orgasm at every red light home.

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Nipples and alcohol are an offense in Virginia Beach ? No wonder you've sounded kinda stressed lately........

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