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Sane Friends

Friday's Perspective

My beach hiking fall edition on Facebook is getting a lot of praise. My friends now want me to do a calander. I can't believe how much fun my friends have with these pictures. They start asking for them Tuesdays even though I hike on Thursday. Now I'm getting wardrobe request. People just have too much time on their hands. The hike was most welcome to me. After a frustrating week of dealing with insurance companies it was a nice way to blow off some stress. I tell you the temperature drops a few degrees and the beach was clear. I do miss the eye candy, but having the beach to yourself is pretty nice.

It's funny how things work out. While I was taking a shower this morning I was able to turn my perspective around. With all this collections crap going on this week I've been in a down mood. I know it's all attitude driven, however I haven't been able to turn it around. I guess with the stress relief last night I was able to realize all the good stuff going on. My business landlord is good with me paying late even though I hate to do it. My landlord at home is gone for 3 weeks so it allows me to play with my money until then. So good stuff that's allowing me time to take care of myself. Hard stuff to see when your perspective is all negative.

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Great pics! Peaceful and relaxed.

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