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Life is a Dance, Yeah the Jitter Bug

I just realized today that it's been almost 2 months since I stopped my medicine. The funny thing is that I don't even think about it anymore. I do my meridian therapy for it since it takes all of 15 seconds just in case. In the beginning I was watching it like a hawk and then at some point it just disappeared.

I tell you I hate when we have fill in mail people for many reasons. The first and largest being that they come later. I believe this is because they take some bizarre route. I saw the fill in guy today and he was across the street. I figured he'd be here in a few, but I had to run an errand. So when I got back there was nothing in the mailbox which was weird. Since I'm the only resident of the hallway now except for the Troll it's hard to tell if he's been there. So I ate lunch and ran to the bank to make my deposits. Guess who should be here when I get back. Yes the mailman trying to figure out the alphabet in our hall. The suites are labelled A-E. I tell you it screws with all the fill in and it's a sad state of affairs. So it was another trip to the bank on a Friday which I don't enjoy.

A bizarre happening this week is that Tango girl has been commenting on a lot of my Facebook stuff. From 0 to 60. Why do I say this is weird? Well I think about a month ago she announced ala Facebook that she was in a relationship. However that information is now missing. Now I like Tango girl. She's attractive and in great shape from all the dancing. Now I'm wondering if her relationship went sour or not. Hopefully I'll find out when I see her tomorrow at the art festival.

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