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Re Cooperating

I'm re cooperating today. My week of being out every night is over, money is going to be tight if non-existent for a while, and my Mom seems stable. I'll pass on seeing her this weekend and will see her in the beginning of the week when I have to sign papers. Gas prices here are jumping by leaps and bounds. I had a lot of choice words when I threw $20 into my tank to only see it move my gauge minimally. I'm comfortable if she goes before than that I've done everything I could have up to this point.
I'm going to hit the gym and then the thrift stores to find a puzzle I'll enjoy doing. I enjoy the focus time it gives me, but I'm picky on the ones I choose especially being color blind. I get way too frustrated when I have to try and differentiate between shades of colors.

Supposedly Inverse moves back in today. I need to do a bunch of laundry today so I'm sure I'll see her around. So to leave you today I'll show you some of the sights we had on hike Thursday.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Those are some really nice photos ... hopefully they're of your immediate surroundings. With a nice view like that, it must be a bit easier to take things as they come.


Not immediate Marty, but close enough to enjoy when I want to.

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