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Smoke and Guns

While I love living down in Virginia it has some quirks that New York didn't. One of the biggest is guns. In the Old Dominion as long as you have a license and don't have it concealed (which needs a special permit) you can wear you gun to supermarket. Like I was walking into the post office yesterday and a woman is walking out with a holstered gun strapped to her belt. I tell you I've been down her too long since I didn't even flinch. I do admit the woman with the pink holster in Panera bread a few weeks ago was interesting. I have to admit, at least in this area, I see more women with guns than men. Not quite sure what's up with that. I might have to add it to my checklist when I'm thinking about asking a woman out. Attractive, check. Wedding ring? Nope. Carrying a gun to blow me away and not in a good way.

The other thing is smoking. Tobacco is still a very big cash crop here. So is smoking in public places. It was funny even the comedians at the Funny Bone Sunday were like you still have smoking here. Even Ireland has done away with smoking in pubs we were informed. I can't wait till 12/1 when the smoking ban goes into affect here.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I haven't seen any women with guns in this town, and with all these hot-tempered (and hot-blooded) Latinas, it's probably a good thing!

A pink holster sounds perfect. I want one of those!


Come to California. We have so many anti-smoking laws in effect. It's nice for someone like me who doesn't smoke.


Sorry about freaking you out with my pink holster, it was just a look I was trying out.

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