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Party Hardy

I can't believe what happened at the Halloween party tonight. I worked the room. This may sound bizarre, but I was a shy kid. I guess working enough of my own events and business socials I've learned the skill. I did meet some great people and sorry no scandalous costume for me. I broke out the wizard costume. It was funny I got to the party and followed this very attractive woman in who was dressed in a 60's short outfit and go go boots. She was hot, but married. Oh well. My friend was freaking cause only one other person was there and had been there for a while by himself. However everyone started piling in shortly. I can see my standards have increased since I was talking to the devil, while she was pleasant, hearing that you don't want to go to events because you don't know anyone doesn't do much for me. Hey I know a lot of people are shy and I've admitted I was one of them. I don't want to be the force getting someone out. Been there, done that, and never again.
It was a day of missed women. The Photographer was suppose to come to the party and German girl wanted me to chat with her to see if she was still interested in me. She peaked my interest enough for me to agree to this. On the other end Tango girl was a no show at the art show. It was a chilly day walking it, but still fun. I actually bought something. It wasn't that expensive, but with things tight it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. However I REALLY like it and I've been waiting to look at it and not be as interested in it. However that hasn't happened yet and I'm still very happy with the purchase. It was done in an Indian style of Batiks which involves wax.

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