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One of my biggest complaints about Virginia Beach is that their was no plan. Developers were allowed to run wild. So you have a zillion neighborhoods that don't connect and have one maybe two ways in/out if your lucky. Now I'm not talking a cul de sac. I'm talking several hundred homes if not pass the thousand mark. It causes bottlenecks all over the freaking place. Now you wonder why I mention this. Well we have an annual school 5k in our neighborhood. Today was it. Trying to get out of our neighborhood is a nightmare unless you do it before 7 am or after 11 am. Streets are closed and the best is the road out of our part of the neighborhood is the starting and ending place for the race. Yes we're stuck. God I hate this day.

On better news I found my oil leak. It's from the part I put in Wednesday. Either there is some grit under it or I need to tighten it more. I'm just happy to have found it.

This weekend I'm going to take my Mom's TV out of her room. She never uses it and it's been sitting there for the last few years. It's a lot larger than mine so it's a done deal. However it's another point of downsizing my Mom. I haven't had to do anything in a long while so it's a bit of a sore spot. I think the next one will be when she's dead.

The highlight of the day will be game night at Panera with the singles.

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Miami is not much better. You can only get out of most parking lots via one exit. It's frustrating as hell!

Enjoy game night at Panera with the singles! Sounds like fun.

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