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Up around the bend, past the sign post. There is a speeding truck that hits you straight on. That's how I feel right now. I got back to back phone calls from my Mom's place today which is never a good sign. Then they put me on hold to find someone to talk to me which still isn't a good sign. They found my Mom non-responsive and limp today. However by the time I called she was responding. Although they were telling me she was nodding yes to all the answers. I think they needed to ask if she was on fire to see if she would nod yes to that. I never know if my Mom is just yesing to everything or not. When I'm with her she will nod no for somethings, but it's usually the minimum.

Anyway since she has a DNR they want to know if I want to put her on comfort care. God I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I started asking questions on the situation since I have no idea where she is. Is she okay now? A drooling idiot? I agreed to put her on comfort care and I'll have to stop by later to sign paperwork. Pretty much this means they aren't adding things to prolong her life. They'll just keep her comfortable.

So I cancelled game night tonight and I hope everyone gets the message. I'll still go for my hike since I could really use it now and then head on over to sign papers.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, Mike. Thinking of you--that's a heavy load.


Know that you are doing what she wants, but I am sure that does not make it any easier.


That is a heavy load. I hope that situation improves soon.


Sweetie! I h*te hearing this!

You're a good man for stepping up for her, and making sure she's taken care of. You certainly are.


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