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My Singles Rant

To many of my new readers I run a large singles activity group in my region. Usually I deal with cheap ass people complaining about the $5 a year membership fee. You'd be surprised how many times you can drop the f-bomb when complaining to me or about me. Having "singles" in your name is a problem since everyone things it's a dating site and wants something for free. The problem usually is people are too lazy. They don't read the description that states this.

Now that laziness has spread to they can't be bothered to apply for membership to know what we do and what everyone looks like. The two that stand out today are:

"Would like to see what type of members there are before joining." - Dude if you looking for a catalog of women you're better of with one of those Russian bride magazines. I finally got a handle with this in the group. For some reason guys see a picture, like what they see, and it's a done deal. "Hey I got some wine and massage oil so let me come over and rub it into your creamy white skin." Hey I kid you not.

"Can you please provide details about club, listing of events, etc>?" Hmm now lady isn't this all the information you would get if you joined? Now this wouldn't be such a shot to the nuts if it was a rare thing, but it's not. I tell you I now fully understand why people can't find anyone.

You can see more weird profiles here.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

I think that the $5 fee is a great thing. That little entrance fee can weed out most douchebags mentioned above.

Anyone that balks about paying that fee shouldn't join.


Hey Mike, you are being swooned over at single parent chronicles about the advice you gave her. We have decided you should form some sort of advice club for us. I shall make the badges and formulate the secret handshake. You dispense the advice. Deal?


Millenium - On the advice club. I demand a secret decoder ring, but besides that sure thing. ;)


About that decoding ring...Can I home make one? If not I suggest we just do bad ges and passwords, ooh ooh and a cap with a catchy logo.
Thanks so much for following my blog, feel free to dispense advice to my readers. I'll claim it came from me of course.


If someone whined to me about a $5 a year deal, I'd say, "For you...$10!"

That'll weed out the cheap asses!

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