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Cary over at List of the Day had the 5 Levels of Relationships. What truly makes it funny is that a lot of it is true. What I truly find amazing and again because it's true is what gets to me is that farting in front of your SO is a major step. The interesting thing is that I don't remember that in any of the educational films they showed us in school.

Your Testes and You

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Sorry for the poor quality it was all I could find. So I guess when I have the next talk with Eric I should say cut one in front of her and rocket your relationship to the next level. I wish someone had told me that when I was younger. Instead of doing nice things to help develop the relationship and have it move on. Just cut the cheese.

The age old question came up today over lunch with my business coach. Should I turn the office into a more medical looking office. He was against it, but didn't know if patients respond to it more. We both agreed that it was a sad state of affairs if this was true, but we know people respond to things subconsciously. I like being different than the medical offices and my patients like the homey feel of it. I do go look in a lot of other offices on my free time. Okay I'm a chiropractic office peeking tom, I admit it. Most of them are cold looking places that I don't like. However I've thought of the same thing many times over the years. I've been against it, but I do know how people respond to bells and whistles.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm gonna have to check out this list...

I know I used to tell my little sister (she's 10 years my junior) that she should never feel comfortable getting naked in front of a boy unless she felt comfortable farting in front of him. I figured that would keep her clothes on for a while! LOL!


LOL. Dad's everywhere can tell their daughters that.


Wow, thanks for enlightening me. I love a good fart, especially in the morning. Therefore, in my next relationship, I will take things to the next level rapidly.

As for doctors offices, my opinion is that I don't like going to the doctors' to feel at home.

I go there to get their opinion, and nothing more. I don't like being friends with them, and I don't like the homey/friend vibe. Because if I get that vibe, then I subconsciously start thinking they aren't good at what they do, that they have to keep trying to win me over in other ways.

My dentist is like that, she has a homey/friendly vibe to her office and she acts like my best girlfriend in the office. I like her personally, but I am not happy with her medical opinion.

She completely misdiagnosed my condition and tried to hard sell me into something I didn't need, without even recommending that I see another specialist first.

Had I listened to her, I would be in deep shit and out a lot of money.


What's a fart between loved ones? Share and share alike I say.

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