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Sane Friends


Sitting and listening to everyone at the table last night at Panera's, especially the Photographer saying she was ready to go back home until she joined the group, I realized something. I now know more people than I think I ever knew combined, however I still don't have any very close friends. I only notice this when people from the group come in and have no one and they find friends. I get a nice feeling from it, however I haven't had that feeling for myself. Friends as an adult is a different animal from when I was a kid. I have people to call to do stuff with, but no one to share my day to day stuff except for my friend Paul back in NY.

I'm tired today. There was a freaking mosquito in the room last night. It flew past my ear every few hours waking me up. I'm not quite sure which is worse. The usual keep flying past my ear that I have to get up and kill it or the frequent wake ups. All I know I'm tired and the mosquito is now dead.

Not much on my plate today although I have an appointment to talk to one of the private school baseball teams about getting treatment. I've increased my skill with it so hopefully it goes better than last time.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

It's definitely worse to be woken up every few hours.

I remember my summer in Barcelona. I got bitten so bad, I still have some of those scars.


I hear you on the close friends business...

So glad mosquito season is over here,


If you want to be happy, stop looking at (and posting) half naked images of women.

What's wrong with you?

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