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Sane Friends

24 hours of Fun

The singles and I went to the Funny Bone last night. We got front and center which is something I haven't been in about 18-19 years. I think it was Rita Rudner in Sheepshead Bay in NY. I tell you it's like being in the front row at the movies. You get a crick in your neck from looking up so much. At least they could of had is a woman in a dress if I have to look up something. Anyway the comedians were hilarious and it rounded out the weekend on a good note. I did have my eye on two women there, but one was married I found out after her had finally became visible and I saw the ring. The other one was making eyes at me most of the night even though we were facing different directions. However your friends do make or break you. Her friends broke her. I was thinking she was in her 30's, but all her friends looked like early 20's so I said forgetaboutit.

I have small wrists. Another trait I got from my Mom. Besides getting wrists bands for my watch I haven't really thought about this in a long time. However yesterday I went to the gym and strained my wrists. While I can bench press a plate, my wrists don't seem to be able to handle the increased weight through them. I will tell you being a chiropractor with sore wrists does suck.

I spoke with the landlord this morning. He wanted to know how everything was going. The funny thing we talked about was the 2 trees in the front yard. After he left I went to get the mail and I saw them down and was really surprised especially since we have dozens of them on the property. He said he went to check something in the front before he left for his trip and the one tree just fell down right in front of him. Curious he checked the same type of tree on the other side of the walk. He said he pushed it and it went right over. Oh yeah I'm feeling really safe now.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I have small wrists too !

Yeah, better to leave the twenty-somethings alone. We are a complicated bunch.

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