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When I grew up it was just my Mom and me. Occasionally my middle brother would be around to join us, but that's what happens when there is a 4 year gap. So it's a treat for me to sit around a table with a lot of people. We now number 7 around the table with 3 of them being children. It's fun to joke around and talk.

I see Inverse has her plan all set up. First off was the daisy dukes which I have to admit pretty much sold me. Anyway she informed me that I was sitting next to her at the table. I was ousted from my normal seat. Any lull in the conversation was followed by a question about how I was doing.

So anyway the landlord has given her 3 months to stop smoking or get out. She's never been able to stop so I don't see any change coming. So I might have to start keep track of this and agree to sex about the 2 month period. Since she will have plans already in motion to be someplace else by 3.

I was very happy that OVDC was able to get me in today. All the stress of the last few days had done a number on my body and it was nice to get some treatment. I was so nice and relaxed afterwards. Hopefully it will last. I could use another massage, but I don't see any in the near future.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I might have to keep track as well... so, I've marked on my calendar that around xmas time, you and Inverse will be having sex.



I was scheduled for a massage tomorrow, and just got cancelled on. So sad :(

There is no way Inverse will stop smoking. She didn't pay her rent and the landlord still didn't kick her out.

When you bang her, bang her brains out. You've been talking about this for quite a while. Make it count !


Hey I could be getting a special Christmas present this year.

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