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Hey it's Sunday and I got to do what I like to do which is sleep in. What I didn't enjoy was reading the paper this morning. First off the article on rising health care premiums for employers is blamed on rising medical bills. No offense, just tell the truth. I have friends in the business and most insurance companies made horrible investments and loss their pants and shirts. Now like car and house rates their on the rise. Medical bills amounts are set by the insurance company when you agree to accept it. I've seen for myself, in this year alone, my best insurances have dropped reimbursement from about $80 to $50.

The other is the bombardment of fund raising for all the schools in the area. While I'm not a big fan of the hassle my main problem is that I offered most of them an option to get funds. My offer has been a $25 exam and treatment at the office and I'd give them 100% of that for their PTA. Myself and most people I talk to see it as a no brainer. However you'd be surprised how many people have turned me down or still thinking about it with pretty lame ass excuses. I don't get it.

Oh well I have the house to myself for a few hours which I don't think will ever happen again for a long time so I'm going to enjoy some loud music.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

This school fund-raising racket is out of control. Everywhere I turn, there is another child asking me for money.

Seriously. Why aren't the kids tasked with schoolwork or arts or athletics?! Instead, they're tasked to beg for money.

It's just wrong. Makes me angry when I think about it.


People don't think rationally when it comes to their health.

Also, people usually think that they don't have to pay their medical bills.

Next time you feel like sleeping in, don't read the paper. This whole health care debate is depressing.

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