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Walking with your hands

There's only one answer for mid afternoon burn out. A walkabout. The weather being beautiful out doesn't hurt either. I see my car is giving me some problems again. I need to find out where that camshaft sensor is. The part is cheap. Only $30, but my fear is that I'll get it and won't be able to match it up to any of the wires.

I'm giving up on my massage therapist. No offense if you are one, but most aren't business people. So it's making more work for me and very little compensation for it. So I'm going to outsource it to someone down the street from me. I met her this morning and she seems very well trained. So I'm getting a freebie tomorrow to see how her hands are. I can't wait since it's been a very long time since I've had one.
The problem is that usually 3 hours after a massage I'm very sleepy. I had a bunch of patients reschedule tomorrow night so I'm going to see the Hangover for a $1. Getting sleepy in a dark room isn't going to be good. What's interesting is that her office is right across the parking lot from MC.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Have you seen the Hangover yet? So freaking funny! The best $1 you'll ever spend! Have fun!


Ooh, a freebie with her hands ? LOL, be sure to tell us if she gives you a happy ending or not.


Hey! How do I get one of those freebies too?!



I LOVE going to the spa and getting massages. Wow...it's been a long time....time to make an appointment!

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