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Lessons from the Little One

I got a quick and hard reminder how fast I can ignore abuse from Enigma's daughter Mouth. Most everyone has seen the video of the baby girl just talking and talking and talking. Well that's Mouth. The only difference is she's 7. Mouth while a nice girl is very talkative and bossy. She stopped over my room today to see what I was doing and wanted to help with my puzzle. I didn't mind the interaction, but after a while I realized I was ignoring her crap. She was just taking things out of my hand, handing me other things, telling me what to do, etc. I was amazed how I had dropped back into my old MO of just ignoring the behavior. It was almost a cold sweat moment. I learned to take this crap from my Mom and I ignored it in my early relationships. I use to be proud of my ability to take anything, but over the years I realized I didn't want it. Once I realized the problem I spoke up and started setting my boundaries with Mouth.

It was a quiet day today. My patients this morning were enjoyable in that they really had important questions they wanted answered and no one else was answering it for them. While I enjoyed doing it and I was happy to do so since I had the time. I'll have to find a way to do it that is time conscious of my other patients.

I was hoping to make the gym today, but by the time I left the office I was starving so I'll head over tomorrow. I finally was able to get over and get a haircut today. I can't believe being a bit shaggy is really annoying nowadays. Years ago I kept my hair long at it was never a problem. I do want to thank my barber for pointing out that I am losing hair in the back. It was almost amusing since he seemed surprised. I've been thinning out for years now.

I may have to start calling before I go visit my Mom to see if she's taking a nap. It's about a 30 mile round trip and to find her sleeping is disheartening. I know there is no reason to wake her up. She's not all there with the dementia and just waking her up never helps.

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