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The Suit Snag

I have to admit this dressing up for work again has been good for me and I enjoy it. However I'm starting to hit a snag. My ties. While I have a whole bunch of them, I'm finding that the neck on my shirts is too small for a bunch of them. A while back I had to get new shirts because with working out I had gotten broader and I needed longer sleeves. So at the time I bought some with neck being the next size up and some the same. I tell you I'm really starting to hate have ironed a bunch of shirts and having agonizingly color coordinated them. I'm color blind so it's agonizing believe me. Only to find out there is no way I can wear a tie with it. Whenever I get paid by the insurance companies I'll have to do some shirt purchasing.

The other snag which truly hit me from left field was when I walked in the house tonight late. I think someone needed to wipe up the drool off of Inverse's chin as she tracked me as I went on by. I guess my hope that her desire for me had cooled off went the way of the Dodo.

On a side note it was totally weird to have my waiting room over flowing today. A family was just about to leave since I just finished treating them. My next patient was there and then a couple arrived 30 minutes early. I had 5 adults and a baby there. It was wall to wall people and a first for the room.

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