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Hey I hit the 10k mark on what the insurance companies owe me. Woohoo, f*ck! I can't believe it's this much. I also can't believe this is why I'm still struggling so much financially. The money like Christmas is coming someday. I'm trying not to let it consume my thoughts so I can still work in the business, but I have to admit its getting harder.

I signed my Mom's comfort care papers. Mostly it was just not to resuscitate her, no new meds unless they were for her comfort, and not to remove her from the facility unless their was trauma. Change of scenery I know would stress my Mom more than anything else.

As you know I have a new woman in the house. What you probably don't know is that it causes me anxiety when a woman is up the house moving around at night. It takes me time to get used to it. I get it from my Mom and ex. While my Mom was never a night nut, you sometime never knew who was coming through the door. Nice person or crazy lady. So that unknown factor of what's coming through the door still haunts me at times. During the day I'm good and can work it out if it bothers me. However at night while I'm sleeping my defenses are down and it causes problems. The other is that my ex has done crazy shit at night like shining a flashlight in my eyes to wake me. Dropping bits of paper with messages on me while I'm sleeping. Believe me their were no sexy messages there. So even though Inverse is not new to the house I have to get re-acclimated to her being there during the night which will take 1-2 weeks. Oh joy.

On the good side. I love Five Below. Whats not to love about everything being $5 or less. Plus it's good stuff and not crap. I stopped there Sunday on my drive about and picked up a laptop cooler for $5. I was thinking of picking one up since mine is starting to get hot, but they start at $20 and go up fast (see paragraph 1). So I tried it out yesterday and it works great. I'm so happy.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Is this the same insurance company that owes you money ? If it is, its all adding up and it sounds like it may make sense to get an attorney.

I feel the same way about feeling anxious when I move in or a new person in the house and someone in the house is up late at night.


Different insurance companies. Actually it doesn't pay to sue until its over a million. Usually they start the case when it hits 2. I have a way to go.

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