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Sane Friends

Happy Hour

Happy hour went well tonight. It was a different mix of people than usual which made it interesting. Different types of people were put together. I got to talk to some people I don't get to talk to too much. My general rule is I'm not in charge of your happiness. So new comers I'll talk to and try to get them acclimated, but after a while you have to be able to fly on your own. So we had some quiet people tonight and some did well and others did not. Surprisingly the place really wasn't that crowded tonight. However I have to admit service sucked. Trying to get orders taken was a problem and most people just walked over to the bar for drinks. My present came in the form of the waitress in the slutty cop outfit. She was wearing a micro skirt and fishnets. You really can't bend over and reach for something. It was a nice show and didn't cost me anything.

Well tonight ended a week long marathon of being out every night. This next week is the opposite at the moment unless I post some new events. However with no money coming in that probably won't happen since money for bills is needed. I could probably deal better with having no money and having nothing owed me. However when I have no money, thousands owed me, and bills all piled up I freak. So it's going to be a rough week.

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