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Halloween Stuff

Well it's Halloween at the old homestead and most everyone was in costume. I was tired from getting up early all week and a hike with L so I passed on my second Halloween party tonight. However most everyone was going out to a church party so I took the liberty to take pictures of everyone. Yes this first picture is of the mysterious Inverse as a vampiress.
Here's her daughter Lost as a kitty cat. She was very cute.

Here is Mouth and her brother getting ready to go out and have some fun.
I visited my Mom today and she seemed just about the same as always. She was a little less focused when her mind wasn't occupied. Since it was in the 80's here today I took her out for some fresh air while I did her nails.
While it wasn't sunny today it was nice for my weekly beach hike with L. The rain and high tide the last few days had flattened and hardened the beach for some good walking. When I got home I realized I was not getting back up to go out to a party. Especially since I had no idea who was coming so I could at least get excited to so someone. A week of getting up early from new noises in the house and the beach hike had did me in. So it's been a night of getting some housework done.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

THAT is Inverse ?

No offense, I was expecting someone much prettier.

Her daughter is a cute little girl, though.


No offense taken. Inverse just knows how to work it and EVERYTHING has a sexual tone to it. Being an x-stripper she has the experience to keep playing with you.


I would totally buy that she's an x-stripper. All she's missing is her pole with that pose. ;)

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