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How Do I Love Thee ...

I tell you I might enjoy the extra hour of time this weekend, but not when I forget about it. I was good an adjusted all the clocks in my room as well as my watches. What did I forget? I forgot the one in my car. I was running errands today and suppose to meet the singles for a movie at 4:30. I got there with perfect timing to be informed that the movie wouldn't be starting for another hour. It was then that I realized my mistake. Nothing like finding out you have an hour to kill on a damp, rainy day. Today's movie was 9. It was an enjoyable movie and perfect with this kind of weather.

It was interesting. When I mentioned last night that I had decided not to go out. Inverse stated that I should go out and possibly meet the woman of my dreams. Jeez I must be getting old cause that boat has sailed. I have spiritual qualities of what I would like in a woman, her values and perspectives. However that image I had when I was young and I'm not quite sure I had one then is not in my head anymore.

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