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Sane Friends

That was fast

Well Inverse is 2 months ahead of schedule. She's moving out. While I'll miss the T&A shots I get I'll be much happier without all the arguing between her and the landlord. I don't need to hear my parents arguing again. Inverse has flat out said that she won't listen to any of the landlord's suggestions and as usual she's not around for her daughter. Lost is falling way behind in school again. She had to make up kindergarten during the summer. So the plan is for them to move back to Inverse's parents so she can go back to school. There are some major holes in this plan you could drive a semi through. While I don't worry about Inverse I do worry about Lost since I see how Inverse parents raised her. However it's way beyond me. I think I'll keep the no sex policy up with her since she maybe something to look at, but everything else doesn't do it for me.

Well I thought we were going to have a big family Thanksgiving this year, but I see that's not happening. Enigma and family are going away for the holidays and with Inverse gone it'll just be the landlord and myself. I may visit friends that day also since it's my birthday, but we've done it before.

Still no word from my ex. What sucks is that the longer this goes on the higher the ticket prices go up. I'm definitely not buying anything before hand. I learned that lesson the hard way when we were married.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Good freaking riddance ! You could do a lot better than her anyway.


Hi Mike,
Wow ... you blink you miss her. That was fast. I'm not sure whether Inverse is the best name for her. Unstable sounds more like it!

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