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Sane Friends

Day 3

Well the storm is finally over. This is a picture from L where we usually go hiking. It did a lot of damage through the area and some of it is still underwater. We had a lot of big trees down in the area and I have to admit the city was good about getting them chopped up and out of the way quickly. We did lose electricity at the house last night. So we all went out for dinner which turned out to be a real problem. Dennys had lost part of their roof, Boston Market had closed up because they could, and Wendy's was just doing drive through. Hardees was the only thing open that would let us in which was a mixed bag since the power kept going on and off while we were there. It finally went out while we were eating. The power was still out this morning when I got up early so I headed on in to work.

Today is a pretty good day at work if everyone comes in which I hope for two reasons. One is that I'm bored stiff. It's been slow with the storm and I need to keep active. The other is I can use the money since no one coming in means no money is coming in.

Tonight is our big Meet & Greet. We were in the thirties for RSVPs, but that has been fluctuating with the weather so we'll see. Honestly it's not too bad out there now to drive unless you're in a flood zone. By tonight it should be back to normal.

I tell you sometimes I don't like being a chiropractor. I got home and checked my Facebook account and I saw that Asp had hurt her back in the bad weather. I don't mind treating people I date just as long is it's after we start dating. I texted her to see how she was and offer her my services. She thanked me and said she would be okay which I was happy about. It will be interesting tonight to have her at the event while I circulate. Especially since I wanted to talk to certain women at the event. Oh well.

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