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Last night was game night with the singles. Only a few people came out, but we had fun. The place was a bit noisy with the music playing so I didn't hear when Eric called. I had called him earlier in the evening. When I got out of there I called Asp first since I knew he was asleep and she would be going to bed soon. So we chatted a while and I try to pace myself since I know I can move quickly. With Asp I'm very comfortable so I have to be especially careful.

Now the Eric voice mail was disturbing. He was upset and may have been crying it was hard to tell. He asked if I could call him cause he was going crazy about something, but I couldn't tell what. So when I called I got nothing since the answering machine wouldn't pick up. I texted my ex for clarification, but didn't get and still haven't gotten a response. Asp asked if he was still coming and I told her yes. However that was turning the key since it wouldn't be the first time my ex pulls shit. This is like growing up again. I'm unable to get excited about future stuff cause I'm waiting for shit to happen. I would like to say that she would call to tell me their is a problem, but she has had Eric tell me in the past. So I have no clue. I figure I'll hear from him when he gets out of school today. Meanwhile it's a lot of surrender on my part so I don't get a head full of anger on something I have no clue what's going on.

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Oh, it would drive me bonkers knowing my child was upset and I didn't know about what. I hope he's ok?

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