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What a Strange Feeling

Did I already say I'll be happy when Inverse is gone? She's got some weird painting gig now that the guy is paying her on how well he thinks she did. Hey even prostitutes know to get the full amount, not on whether you liked it or not. She was up way too early this morning making way too much racket in the kitchen. I'm tired today. Since so many people rescheduled I started the day relaxed by heading to Starbucks to read. Since I couldn't sleep this morning and I have to hit the ground running tomorrow I felt like treating myself.

I'm still awaiting a response from my ex. I'll repeat the text daily until I hear something. I informed Eric that his mom and I were discussing details so he'll ask her about it also. I don't like to bring him into our stuff, but then everything usually falls to me which makes it look like I'm the one unable to make it happen. Hey when it's my fault I don't mine, but when it's not mine I don't want the responsibility which my ex is great at throwing at me.

I tell you I can't remember the last time my bill box was empty. It looks freaking weird let me tell you. I need to pay for 2 more things Monday and then I should be back in the groove again. Actually I need to correct that I still need to pay rent here at the office, but I should be able to do that by next Friday. I did take $30 and order a few things off of Half.com for myself for my birthday to balance it all out.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

happy birthday, when is it? and I have never heard of half.com, must check out!!!!
have a great w/end!


Man, I don't know how you do it.

I am at least glad to know that during these hard times, that you are at the very least staying afloat and that you are able to provide for your mother. No easy feat, you should get a freaking medal for that.


It's the 26th Cameron. Half.com is the best for books, DVDs, etc.

Senorita. What allows me to go on sometimes keeps me in that cycle so I have to be careful.

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