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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. I believe it's a federal law to state what I'm thankful for today. Asp and I were talking the other day on genetics and how kids just do things we did as kids. I talked about how Eric is so social and ha always been which is very different from his parents. She looked at me like and stated that I was very social. Who knows maybe I was born that way, but most of my life I've shy. So to come full circle and have overcome that defect and be a social person is what I'm thankful today.

What I'm not thankful for is the asshole that hit my car. I was walking out of 7-11 today when I noticed it and had that out of body experience when I'm wondering if it's my car. It must have been a truck since it's high up. They scraped the paint off and scraped the headlight on my passenger's side. I know it wasn't there a couple of days ago. Bastards.

I tell you for a holiday I've never seen so many people working today. The neighborhood is a buzz with people still cleaning up from the storm 2 weeks ago. The city has collections out there picking up all of it. All the Christmas tree places are setting and stocking up. Even the hairdresser was working at my Mom's place today. It's a bit surreal. If a few more places were open it would almost be a normal day.

It was nice to get a whole bunch of Happy Birthday's from everyone and thanks if you did.

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