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Sane Friends

The Challenge

Well it was a fun and interesting night with Asp who I really should rename Jaws. She does like to cook and she made stuffed peppers which were yummy. Her son wasn't quite sure what to make of me in the house, but it went well. Asp knows I don't really watch normal TV so she wanted to show me some of her favorites. I think we only got through one show before it Asp through down the gauntlet of how sexually crazy she could make me since her son was there and we weren't going to be doing anything. When it comes to sex I'm rarely a passive person so I took up the challenge. We were two freaking pools of sweat after a few hours. She wanted me to stay and sleep there, but I wasn't ready for that with her son there.

Did I forget to mention that Asp likes to bite. The damage report this morning for someone that doesn't bruise are 3-4 on my chest. She was upset since I left a few marks on her neck. So I promised to keep them out of plain sight tonight. We decided to get together again tonight since this maybe the last time until the end of the month. Sunday is still up in the air and after that it won't be until she gets back from Florida the following week.

The funny thing while we lying around cooling off was that we both thought the other had initiated this dating thing. I thought with the texting and she thought with my sexual innuendos which I'm use to doing with her. So it was interesting, but we were both thankful for getting together.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Oooooooohhh, Mike!!! You go!!!


You've been a bad boy ! She will spank you for it next time. Enjoy your trophy bite marks.

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