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Sane Friends

Wet Wednesday

Boy am I tired today. The business group I help on Wednesdays cancelled their meeting and didn't tell me. I could have slept in this morning. With the schools closed the house was quiet and I could have slept late. Boy am I pissed, more because I know they cancelled on some lame excuse.

Sunday is Inverse's last day in the house. The landlord is keeping her on a short leash right now since she threatened to kill him yesterday, burn the house down, smash everything, etc. The good thing is I haven't seen her in days, but I'll be home for dinner tonight so who knows.

I have a little fear that Asp or our friends will ask why it took so long for me to ask her out. I hate to say the truth that the options came down to telling her I'm not interested or just go on a date. I chose the latter. I know we can joke around very well so I'll see if we can be a bit serious.

We have serious storm conditions here for the next 3 days with expectations of 8 inches of rain. The next city over has closed their flood gates. This whole area is really just a swamp so flooding is a major problem. For me it's just trying to navigate some lunch today without being drenched.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Your landlord isn't that threatening at all. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up burning that house down and smash everything.

What a freaking whack job.

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