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Sane Friends

The Long and Bumpy Road

Well it was an interesting trip down the road of life today. I was flying pretty high after I had set Eric's trip up. It would be a costly 24 hours since the transportation cost were set and it didn't matter how much time he would stay with me. However if my ex is good with taking him to the airport then future trips on his vacations ie. Christmas vacations would be awesome.

It was a little cooler than expected today, but it was still a great day for a walk on the beach. I did notice that L was a bit off today. So after a while I asked a few questions and she spilled the beans. Last week a married man she knew came onto her. For some reason she reciprocated and then sanity came back to her when he went to the bathroom. So she hightailed it home. However since they know each other he just went to her house. She ended up sleeping with this guy. While she's not proud of the whole incident their was major collateral damage. L's friend of 20 years after she informed him of what happened ended their friendship which devastated her. I skirted the adultery issue and stuck with the loss of a friendship. While I'm good at many things, strong emotions are still difficult for me. Whether they be mine or someone elses. So from my high with Eric, to this issue with L was a major swing for me.

Then it was off to Game night with the singles. We had a huge crowd tonight. During the event I got a text saying there was a problem with the trip and to call Eric. Let me tell you "WTF" was not equal to what I was thinking. Especially when I called and Eric was like everything was okay. However after we talked I found out he had thought we were only seeing each other for an hour instead of the 24. So with that straightened out we said we'd talk again tomorrow. I'm happy to have it all settled, but I was shaky afterwards.

I can't tell if Asp is trying to say she's interested. With her it's like 6th grade and she's picking on me. While I think she's attractive, I don't think our personalities match. We have a good ole time at events making jokes, but it reminds me of years ago when my ex and I use to bond over picking on people. I dropped it since I didn't think it was healthy behavior. While we have fun poking fun at each other in the group I don't think it's something to build on. If she wasn't in the group maybe a short fling would be fun, but I don't like making waves since I run it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't understand why L's friend stopped talking to her. I am confused by how you explained the story.


Senorita - whoops sent it to someone else. Pretty much L slept with a married man and because of that her friend no longer wants to have anything to do with her after 20 years of friendship.

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