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I hate being torn sometimes. I know how I would act if he was with me all the time, but since he doesn't I do fold. Eric has a science investigation project this week. He choose pine cones and his teacher gave him 2 questions to investigate. He needed help getting the information. So I looked it up online for him. I realize that I'm doing the investigating and he's just putting the information together. For me this only happens twice a year that I can help him with his schooling. Even though it's something he should be doing I'm just happy to be part of it.

Asp did have a good suggestion with Eric. Here she can access her son's school grades from the Internet to keep abreast of how he's doing. I need to track down to see if I can do the same since it would allow me to be more in his life.

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You should totally be able to do that with his grades. Just contact his school and they can tell you how.

Also, do not do his homework for him. Do it WITH him! Investigate some websites on your own to expedite the process, but let him decide what information he wants to use...


Access his grades from the internet? Wow!! If my parents could have done that when I was in school 30 some odd years ago I would have been in trroooubbblle.... lol


Hi Mike,
Amazing how technology has changed how we educate our kids. I hope it all makes for a smarter next geneeration!

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