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Sane Friends

Date 3

Note to self: date women that sleep late in the morning. I slept over Asp's last night and 5:30 comes way too early when you stay up to midnight. She's a good sleeping companion which I find most people aren't. Whether you know it or not I'm a very physical person. So a lot of my affection is through physical acts like hair brushing or massaging. Asp is also physical so it works out well. However lying next to her this morning while I was massaging her hand in our attempts to get up. I remembered after my ex and I got married how all my touching became so irritating. It was a little healing thing this morning to know that there is nothing wrong with me. That my form of affection is okay.

The rest of the night was fun. Asp made pork chops which were delicious. Her son was more okay with me being there. We made out like teenagers for hours on end treating her son as the parent should he find us. Asp did ask if the bites were painful which I responded yes. However they did make me feel out of control which I become sexually aggressive which Asp likes. She has promised to be gentler.

I'm hoping she is able to get her all her schoolwork done by Sunday so we can see each other that night. If not it'll be another week until she gets back from Florida.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

You and I should be BFFs or something since you like to brush hair, do nails and give back massages.

I'm happy you're acting like a horny teenage boy ! Cheers to that !


You're moving on up! So glad you're spending time with someone that has a similar affection style!


Sounds like a great evening!


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