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Pink Day

When OVDC has a cancellation she colors it pink in her appointment book. When you get a bunch of them you have a pink day. Since I just delete them from my schedule, I'm computerized, I've taken her term. It was like freaking dominoes here this morning. One after another until my whole morning was free and so was my early afternoon. Seriously WTF? It does come in waves and this has been a tsunami week or at least the last 2 days. So I'll have to pay my rent tomorrow and tell the landlord that tonight. I hate that.

One thing I truly hate are phone books. We have like 4-5 different ones here for some ungodly reason. So about every 3-4 months we get a new stack of these books. Now I know why the Amazon rain forest is disappearing. I can barely stand my copy, but since we have 3 other suites in my hallway which are empty. I get to find a stack of these mothers blocking the door. I have no where to toss these piles of crap except across the lot at the dumpster.

Kids and their perceptions. Lost likes to crawl on my shoulders when I sit down to either play with the kids or read to them. For some reason she always has to point out that I'm losing hair. I try to explain it to her, but it doesn't seem to sink in. It's not like the landlord isn't bald so I'm not quite sure what it is.

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