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Sane Friends


Well it's day 2 of our big Northeaster and what's left of Ida. We're suppose to get 8+ inches of rain over 3 days. This is day 2. Schools, bridges, and tunnels are closed sporadically through the area. The worse? High speed Internet is down in the office. It's one of my joys of coming in to the office. I can enjoy dial up at home. I didn't even make it out of my neighborhood this morning before I had reviewed my messages and it was a dead day at the office. I really had to wonder why the hell I was going in. Well since no one will be in today I figured I'd clean everything which lasted about 20 minutes before I said it's good. I do have to do a few more things to my extra room since I have a yoga teacher coming in tomorrow to check it out for renting which would be really cool.

I see I'm in virgin territory with Asp. You know that saying of be friends first before you start to date. When I was younger most of my friends believed in that. I never bought into the 5 year plan of asking someone out. Honestly I thought it was the chicken shit way. However I realized today on Facebook that we both know each other for a while and some of the basics are already covered, but spotty. The other is that I believe Asp has built me up in her mind. She was replying to me and said oh I'm sure you could. It was the way she said it and it was after a sexual joke. This is going to be an interesting date.

For some reason I'm on Inverse's shit list. She ignored my greetings last night and just walked right past me. Whatever. I'll just be happy when she's gone.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

No high speed internet!?!?!? Shoot me now!!!

P.S. I have your hottie for Sunday all picked out, linked, and ready to go! ; )

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