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The Man in the Green Hat

I didn't think I would end this day texting back and forth with Asp on the size of my cowboy hat and me playing with her buttons. You know I should probably just go out with her and be done with her. However I know its just not a positive thing and I work so hard to go in a good direction. But flirting is fun and I do get a kick out of it.

The singles and I went to see Julie and Julia. Who knew it was a chick flick? LOL. I really didn't think about it before hand, but when it was me and 6 women it kind of gave it away. It was a good movie and romantic movies do work on me. I watch and want to be in a relationship. The food part did nothing for me. I just don't enjoy eating that much. I admit that I'm much better than I use to be with it. For a long time it was just nutrition to keep me alive, but I do enjoy eating now.

I'm holding on to the last amounts of my money that I got last week since I like having the feeling of having it. I need to pay bills tomorrow to keep up to date, but I have to admit I've been enjoying the high of having money for the last several days.

At the moment I'm waiting to see if Asp wants to try my cowboy hat on to see if its a good size for her.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm so happy you've finally got money in your pocket. Enjoy it while it lasts !


The food part of Julie and Julia did nothing for me either. I think because it was antiquated, old fashioned with with high fat content probably. Overall the movie didn't do a whole lot for me even in the romance stakes, afterall isn't romance dead???


I'm a romantic at heart Sooz. So Viva la romance

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